Life is long enough to taste the best wines on earth

Alexis O.

3/20/20242 min read

Phrases, sayings, words that stick in our heads forever anchored to moments of remembrance…Toast to the words and wisdom that have woven through our lives! Each phrase, a reflection of dreams pursued and triumphs savoured, kindles a sense of pride and nostalgia. Here is to a life splendidly lived, to goals conquered, and to the enduring bond of friendship. As we gather, let us celebrate with the richness of red wine and the warmth of good company, revelling in the epic journey we have shared.

Make this the timeless speech of your life because life is long enough to taste the good stuff it comes with, like good wine! or as some may say “Life is too short to drink bad wine!”, plain to all brains!

For someone who has tried wine in and from Australia, Europe, the Americas, Russia (ok it was Ukrainian wine) and South Africa, that means spending many hours in the air for years. There is something special in looking from the sky down on creation, as a famous song says: from a distance there is harmony and it echoes through the land. From all those trips over the last decade If I had to pick among my favourite ever-tried wines I would definitely pick one whose brand resonates with the sky: Pago del Cielo!!

Pago del Cielo - Celeste Roble, a gem from Ribera del Duero, flourishes in a unique climate of extreme contrasts. Harsh winters and long, sunny summers bestow upon this wine an unparalleled richness and depth. Each sip encapsulates the essence of this rugged yet nurturing terroir, crafting an exquisite, unforgettable experience. You should definitely pay a visit to the vineyard and get some bottles of this exquisite wine with you as you travel through our amazing Spain.

I am a dreamer so it is Lennon and maybe we have not pledged long enough to bring mankind down to earth from the sky, maybe that is the “Pago del Cielo” we all need. Someday, sometime, in some era or constellation, our interests might be driven by who we are rather than what we are. But since that won’t happen this weekend let’s drink some delicious Pago del Cielo and enjoy the best of life!!


Alexis O.

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