Let the wine speak for you

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Alexis O.

2/12/20242 min read

Oratorical artistry, expressive elegance, linguistic luminosity, persuasive prowess, emotional resonance…that is what eloquence stands for. Have you ever met an eloquent person? Eloquent individuals wield the power of words not just to communicate, but to inspire transformation. Their mastery of language paints vivid pictures and crafts narratives that resonate, awakening in others the desire to become their best selves. In its shadow, the line between persuasive communication and deceptive rhetoric blurs, reminding us that the mesmerizing charm of eloquence must always be tempered with discernment and a commitment to truth.

Wine is eloquent, a friend told me as we had a glass of “Marques del Riscal '' at a cozy bar in Geneva. But not any wine, this wine! Marques de Riscal, a masterpiece of Spanish viticulture, embodies eloquence in its every drop. This exquisite red wine, hailing from the storied vineyards of Rioja, speaks a language of deep, vibrant hues and complex aromas. With a bouquet that whispers of dark berries and a subtle hint of oak, it engages the senses like a well-crafted sonnet.

Gift a bottle of Marques de Riscal, and you give a promise – a promise of never-fading smiles, of moments turned into cherished memories. A statement like this may sound fearless in the lands of Helvetia where you can find the best wines in the world. But hey, Marques del Riscal has been chosen as second best vineyard in the world in the 2023 World’s Best Vineyards awards. Give away Marques de Riscal and you will never disappoint that person who matters most in your life. Is that person maybe yourself my dear eloquent reader?

Whether or not you are an eloquent individual, we both know that sometimes words are not enough or not needed at all. For these occasions let the eloquence of Marques del Riscal make its magic, let the wine speak for you…


Alexis O.

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