Got adventurous? Follow Don Quixote’s journey to an excellent wine producing region in Spain.

Don Quijote, the famous character of Spanish literature created by Miguel de Cervantes, passed through Valdepeñas in his second outing, described in the second part of the book.

On his way, Don Quijote and his faithful squire Sancho Panza arrived in Valdepeñas and encountered a group of people transporting a large amount of leather, which Don Quijote mistook for "great quantities of books of chivalry." Believing that he was destined for a great adventure, Don Quijote decided to attack the transporters, resulting in a great fight in which both sides were injured.

After the fight, Don Quijote and Sancho Panza continued their journey towards adventure, while the transporters stayed in Valdepeñas lamenting the loss of their goods.

Although this episode is fictional, Valdepeñas is a real city in the province of Ciudad Real, in central Spain known for its wine production and rich history, making it a popular tourist destination for adventurous people like you!.

The hot and dry climate of Valdepeñas, combined with its rich, chalky soil, creates the perfect conditions for growing Cencibel also known as Tempranillo grapes, which are the main grape variety used in the production of Valdepeñas wine.

Valdepeñas red wine is characterized by its deep ruby red color, intense fruit flavors, and a full-bodied, smooth finish. The wine has a robust flavor profile, with notes of ripe cherry, blackberry, and vanilla, as well as a subtle hint of oak.

Valdepeñas red wine pairs particularly well with meats, especially beef and lamb. The full-bodied nature of the wine makes it a great match for rich, flavorful meats, such as roasted lamb or beef stew. It also pairs well with spicy dishes, such as chili con carne or Mexican mole, as the fruitiness of the wine helps to balance out the spiciness of the food.

Cheeses, particularly aged cheddar or Manchego, also pair well with Valdepeñas red wine, as the richness of the cheese complements the bold flavors of the wine. Additionally, Valdepeñas red wine can also be paired with dark chocolate or other rich desserts, as the wine's fruitiness helps to enhance the sweetness of the dessert.

In conclusion, Valdepeñas red wine is a delicious and versatile wine that pairs well with a wide range of foods. If you are looking to try a new wine, or simply looking for a great pairing for your next meal, be sure to pick up a bottle of Pata Negra Valdepeñas, or Viña Albani Crianza Tinto - you won't be disappointed! Become the Quixote of your own adventure in Spain!

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Got adventurous? Follow Don Quixote’s journey ...

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